Restaurant Spotlight: El Carmen

El Carmen

EAT: You can’t go wrong with the taco selection at El Carmen. The carne asada tacos have a fantastic flavor and the meat is cooked to tender perfection. They’re not too fussy, which I love about them. The fish tacos are also a great choice! During their happy hour, the guacamole is only $2. Let me just say, it’s worth much more than that! I’m a fan of pretty much any guacamole but this is a great one. Last, but certainly not least by any means, make sure you get the corn on the cob as a side. It’s far from being healthy, since its completely coated in spices and cotija cheese, but it’s grilled to perfection and so delicious!

DRINK: El Carmen is known for its tequila, so you obviously have to get a margarita! The good news is that these margs actually have tequila in them, and you don’t find yourself wondering if they forgot to put it in. That’s my pet peeve with some restaurants. The regular margarita is $5 during happy hour and there’s tons of others to choose from including a spicy margarita and a cucumber mint margarita.

EXPERIENCE: The atmosphere is one of the greatest parts of El Carmen. After walking through the thick, red velvet curtains you feel excluded from the outside world. The lighting casts a red tint on the room and the Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestler) artwork throughout, it has a fun and unique vibe. It’s a small place, but definitely a good one to visit!

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