Tribal Blues


Tribal Blues 2 Tribal Blues 4

It took me FOREVER to find a good maxi dress that fit me well. I know it sounds crazy, but every time I tried on a maxi the length was just super awkward and it was way too short. My heels were playing peek-a-boo and I didn’t like it! When I finally found one (after countless disappointments in the dressing room) that fit I was SO excited. Since then, I’ve built my collection of maxi dresses and now have quite a few hanging in my closet.

This blue tribal-print dress is my newest maxi and it certainly does not have a length problem. Sometimes, I find myself stepping on the bottom because it is so long. Which could be a major problem seeing as the dress is strapless and I keep pulling it down when I step on it. I won’t let that stop me from wearing it, though, because it is so comfortable and quickly being added to the list of my favorite dresses.

Tribal Blues 3  THIS OUTFIT



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