Keepin’ It Classy

This past weekend, I went to a lingerie shower in honor of my sister. The hostesses of the shower did a fantastic job of making sure that everything was fun, cute, and classy. I think that it’s important to make sure that you keep everything classy when planning an event such as a lingerie shower, because things can definitely go down hill. You never want to make your guests feel uncomfortable, especially if there is a range of ages at the party. We all had such a blast and I am so impressed  by how it all turned out. Everything from the tasty bites to the jazz music playing in the background set the atmosphere for a comfortable and feminine afternoon.

lingerie cookies

One of the treats they served at the shower were these adorable lingerie cookies. They tasted delicious and were such a nice touch. They also had a mimosa bar, which is the perfect Sunday drink and something that most girls love to indulge in.

peeps bouquet

Since the party was so close to Easter, some of the decorations were Easter-themed such as this Peeps bouquet.

lingerie shower

Each guest was asked to write down a piece of advice about marriage or a kind note to the guest of honor and stick them into an Easter egg. Later, she opened the eggs and read the notes out loud and everyone guessed who wrote each one.

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